How to write a quality yoga blog (in 50 minutes without sweating)

You don’t have much time to research or craft prize-winning blogs. And your reader doesn’t have time to linger on each sentence.

But you do need a quality yoga blog (or article) for your website which is also optimised for search engines – right?

And by the way, the more blogs you write, the quicker you will become. Some people can create quality blogs in 20 minutes! (I’m working on that myself.)

You can also take advantage of my free yoga blog template to speed up your output time.

Ready? Get the timer out, straighten your spine, take a deep breath and let’s stretch those ‘writing’ muscles . . .

Step 1: Keywords (5 mins)

Type out a short list of keywords or phrases that you anticipate people will be typing into the google search bar (if you need help with this, then click here to learn more about keywords.)

Step 2: Add loose headings (5 mins)

Don’t try to think too much at this stage, just throw down some headings to give your blog structure (you can change them later if need be). Aim to add a keyword and benefit into some of your headings.

Step 3: Create content (20 mins)

Put down text, even if it’s just in bullets points at this stage. You can also paste text from other quality sites to give your blog structure and get your inspiration flowing, but know that you must change this later to avoid plagiarism. Aim for at least 500 words if possible.

Step 4: Tweak (20 mins)

  • Check that you’ve sprinkled keywords and phrases into your content (not over-stuffing though, just making sure that you’ve got keywords in the title and the first paragraph in particular).
  • Check that you’ve got some benefits towards the beginning. Bullet points are a great for listing benefits, as they’re easier for you and more scannable for the rapid reader.
  • Remember to proofread (or get someone else to help you if your spelling/grammar is dodgy).
  • Add a nice image to your blog if possible. There are heaps of free yoga images on the internet. I often use Pixabay.

Do you need a set of fresh eyes on your yoga blog (for free)?

I remember the first blog writing assignment I had to submit (as part of my Diploma). It took me ages to fiddle and tweak it.

If you want to email me your first yoga blog, please feel free. No charge. No strings attached. I’ll give it a thorough read and send back to you with comments. Just remember to include your keywords and phrases at the top of the page, so that I can check them.

I’ve got tons of experience writing about yoga, so I feel confident that I can offer useful advice.

And without going overboard or getting into anything scary, I can also offer my blog writing or content creation services for your yoga business.