How to Write About Your Wellness Business (and Grow Personally)

Promoting and marketing a wellness business can be challenging, if not daunting! As a copywriter focusing on the wellness industry, I meet a lot of business owners who struggle in the following areas:

  • Writing promotional material
  • Writing blogs and articles
  • Writing pages for their website

Professionals running health and wellness services have a specific set of skills. They’re usually highly trained, dedicated, and care deeply about their clients. Providing treatment is their strength. Offering professional help with health is their strength. The last thing they want is to get stressed about marketing their business – it detracts from their services.

Unfortunately, from what I’ve discovered (speaking with wellness biz owners), writing about health or wellness services can be a major obstacle in business growth.

Do you fall into any of the following?

  • You don’t feel competent to write
  • You don’t enjoy writing
  • You can’t afford a professional writer
  • You don’t feel confident to hire a professional writer

You’re not alone if you’ve agreed to any of the above.

Writing about your business (or service) is a therapy in itself

The truth is that writing is a therapy in itself – not a burden or a chore – and you can grow as a therapist or teacher from just a few minutes of writing daily. And as an added bonus, you can turn your writing into a promotion tool! An authentic promotional tool – not some scaled up version of the truth.

The thing is – it’s not that hard to write about your services. Training as a health professional, you must have written something of value at some point – just to pass your exams! You don’t have to be hugely literate. You don’t have to be a novelist. In fact, promotional writing is very simple. The language and grammar just need to be kept simple, but styled in a certain way.
Writing solution 1: Keep a mini-journal

Keep a journal of your working day – even just minimal bullet points from your class, treatment, challenges, victories, joys and sorrows. Use a small notepad that you can carry around with you, or use your phone/device.
Benefits of keeping a journal:

  • Makes you a better therapist/teacher
  • Makes you a more aware business owner
  • Helps you tune into your clients’ needs
  • Helps you to open layers inside yourself (i.e. the subconscious)

Writing solution 2: Write about your clients’ needs, desires and pain-points

What happens when you put yourself into your client’s shoes? What’s their specific need or suffering? Write your impressions down as you interview your client (or after your meeting). Make random notes. Try things. Sometimes it helps to be humorous, or light, in your writing and communication. Sometimes it’s better to identify with their suffering and provide solutions.

Writing solution 3: Write your own honest story

This is where you can start writing for your own website (blogs, content, ‘about’ page etc).

What’s your story? As a therapist/teacher you have a story. You are a human being! Clients and students will love to read about ‘your story’. This includes your struggles, victories, and how you turned your own personal failures into successes (or maybe didn’t!). You might not want to appear less than perfect to your clients but being honest is the best marketing tool. Be discreet of course! Don’t spill your darkest truths all over the page. But remember that transparency is the best policy. People can see straight through hype and pretension.

Writing solution 4: Write a case study or testimonial (pure promotional gold)

Clients are just like everyone else – they love to read positive uplifting stories. And to read about some unlucky soul who has been helped or transformed by your teaching or treatment – well, that’s pure gold for your business. The promotion does its own job. You only need to ask your client to fill in a few words about how you’ve helped them (e.g. a feedback form). For a full case study, you might need to interview your client.

Case studies can give extra special layers to your story (nuggets of gold). And you’re not faking the benefits because your client has written them down – in fact, your client has actually done the promotional work for you! All you might need to do is edit (or get someone to edit for you). Then put these amazing case studies or testimonials on your website.

Writing solution 5: Read other blogs and content from your competitors

You can learn so much from reading other blogs and related material. Google your competitors and see what they have on their websites. Sometimes you might be surprised at how poorly written some of it is! Try to look at both good and bad to see what’s working and what’s not.

Also look at successful competitors’ Facebook and Twitter posts. Learn from them. Get inspired.

Writing solution 6: Trade skills
For those who don’t want to write more than a few jots, think about trading skills. Do any of your students/clients have advertising/writing/website/marketing skills? Could you test out someone and see if it works for you both?

What next? What to do with your written notes and random jottings?

If you want to create a blog, article or page for your website, once you’ve got your jottings down it’s a wise idea to get a qualified writer to prepare the material for your website, so that it’s written for search engines to find (this is called SEO writing, which means Search Engine Optimisation writing). You don’t have to spend a fortune getting someone to do this for you. It’s easy to find an inexpensive freelance writer on or

Or you can contact me here! I specialise in writing for the wellness markets.

In summary

Writing for your wellness business can be a powerful therapy in itself, helping you to grow as a professional therapist/teacher. Regularly jotting down observations, thoughts and insights into working with a client can positively change the way you relate to people. Your personal development is as important as your business growth. Through the suggestions outlined above, you can go a long way (even without being a trained writer) towards easier, and often free, promotion.

Writing will also help you to start expressing yourself on a more personal level. This leads to you becoming a better provider, in whatever business you’re in.

Get proactive. Break the bubble. Write – and grow.

And promote your services at the same time!

Please do share this blog if you have found it valuable. And feel free to send any comments. I love to hear feedback!