“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

About Louise

I’m a qualified freelance copywriter and content writer (see below).

I specialise in the health, wellness and small business markets (and also enjoy a variety of writing work in other fields).

I aim to convert chaos to clarity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I find my clients chaotic! It means that most people have lots of ideas and angles. This can create confusion for your customers, as well as for your business.

My role is to take your information and structure it into clear content, so that it makes sense and appeals to your target prospect or customer.

My background and skills

  • I’ve worked for many years in the publishing and promotions industries.
  • My skills include: writing for the web (including SEO writing), content, brochures, flyers, articles and blogs.
  • I’m an editor and proofreader with an eagle-eye.
  • I’m also a qualified yoga teacher, with over 20 years experience in teaching yoga and meditation. This training has brought me a profound appreciation for balance and ethics in my working life.
  • I bring ‘mindfulness’ into all that I do.

My location and lifestyle
I currently live in Leura, which is a gorgeous heritage village in the Blue Mountains (near Sydney), Australia. I love yoga, meditation, hiking, nature, reading and lots of writing in my spare time (working on my first novella in 2018).

Qualifications and current study

  • I hold an Accredited Diploma in Copywriting (with Distinction) from the College of Media and Publishing, UK.
  • I’m currently studying Digital Marketing so that I can offer my clients more skills and an in-depth understanding of the marketing world (from an ethical perspective).