How to Write Simple, Effective Articles for the Wellness Market

The benefits of writing your own material

You may or may not have writing skills. Even if you don’t, it’s still a worthwhile exercise to write down what you want in an article (and then possibly hire a writer to put it together for you).

Some benefits of writing for your own wellness business

While you may need the help and perspective of a professional writer, there are several benefits to consider before passing all your writing work on.

  • You know your biz and only you really know your vision for it
  • If you’re struggling with direction, writing will help to clarify your vision
  • You know your customers and their problems
  • Putting your thoughts into words can help you grow as a person and a wellness provider

Your target reader is important

Before starting, have a clear picture of your reader.  Who are you writing for? People who are interested in yoga – right? People who want to be healthy, positive and happy. People who want to look good and feel amazing. You might be targeting a certain age group or perhaps groups with specific health issues.

Stop, think and visualise. You’ve got your reader’s face (use one of your existing customers if need be). How would you speak to him or her? Now use that language style in your writing.

Create effective paragraph headings

Create effective paragraph subheadings (you can change these later if need be) and ensure that  these headings are easy to scan and that your reader will get the gist of what’s actually happening in the paragraph.

If you’re struggling with getting ideas for these subheads, then do a google search on your topic to get a dropdown of google suggestions (this dropdown list suggested is by google as they are phrases that people are typing in to find specific information).

Click on the phrase that is closest to your chosen topic and view the organic search results (i.e. the first page of results that google brings up).

For example, if I type in ‘yoga content writer’ I get an organic search results page of various sites and posts that I can scroll through, as shown in this screenshot:


What the above actually shows is not just the page heading, but the meta descriptions (i.e. the text underneath the headings). From this, you can easily see what words or phrases are being searched for.

You can then make a short list of some of these keywords and key phrases, and use them in your paragraph headings.

You can also use them in the main text, but take care not to cram your article with keywords. Use them in ways that makes sense within the context of your article.

List benefits near the beginning of your article

Bulleted (or numbered) points are advisable for any article you’re working on. This is because most readers skim and will be attracted quickly to benefits, without having to sift through long, arduous paragraphs of text.

Don’t make your reader work hard. Your text should flow like silk. Your reader will most likely only read a fraction of your article. You need to highlight benefits clearly and simply. Learn more about this here.

Do inspire and educate your reader

The articles that stay with me are the ones that inspire me most. If I walk away from reading an article or blog that has actually changed my life in some way (for the better!), then I will remember it, share it with others, and possibly bookmark it for future reference. This is great for your rankings and credibility. It’s also great for your karma! In the wellness market, people should be uplifted, transformed or healed.

Do add links to quality online articles or blogs

If possible, include links to useful websites that are in sync with your article, that will further help and inspire others. If you’re writing a print article, you can add references to websites at the end.

Do include a summary at the end

Wrap up your article with a brief, but good quality summary. You may be surprised how many readers will firstly scroll to the end of your article to see if it sums up anything that they might be interested in. If your summary is relevant to them, they’ll most likely return to the full article and read it thoroughly.

Read more about how people read online here (it’s an eye-opener).

To summarise

Writing articles for your own business gets easier with practice. Writing effective articles can be made much easier if you follow tried and true guidelines, as outlined above.

Even if you just throw all your ideas down and then hire a writer to make sense of it it – that’s fine. But try to DIY and see how the writing process helps you to define your vision, and develops your own direction. You may be surprised at your own talent! Give it a go.

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